Researcher in the Division of Psychiatry at UCL working in the field of social cognition and psychosis, and will be moving to an MRC funded DTP at Kings College in 2017 on a project aiming to understand the cognitive neuropsychiatry of belief.

I’m interested in the neuropsychology and social cognition of ‘self’ and ‘other’ perception, what meanings are made from the experience of external agency, and the process of enculturating belief.

My research interests include:

-Changes in self/other perception and the experience of external agency
-Clinical intervention for psychosis.
-Neurophenomenology and the generation of consciousness
-Cognitive anthropology of external agency.
-Neural mechanisms of belief and delusion

On the side, I like to blog about mental health and consciousness, interview interesting people on my podcast, and dabble with music under the alias of CircleDot – sometimes for brain hackathons – of which recently I was part of a team in Dublin to win the ‘best hack’ award at the Horizon 2020 hackathon hosted at the Dublin science gallery.